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Car Show Judging criteria (PDF file)

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We are always looking for experienced judges.

Judges are encouraged to contact Less Steger prior to the show by phone at 704-966-4541 or by email. Judges will receive a refund equal to the spectator admission, lunch the day of the event and an event T-Shirt; once their judging has been completed. Judges will not judge the class in which their car is entered. Cars will not be judged without proper registration.

New show car parking plan

In the past, show car parking was a bit on the challenging side. You had to buy your ticket at the gate, go to the black registration tent, wait in line to register and then park in your assigned row, if you could find space. This year we are looking to make some changes to improve and shorten the process.

After buying your show car ticket, proceed directly to the car show parking area, the staff will help you park as you arrive. If you have a trailer or support vehicle, please unload the car off to the side and then have the staff help park you. After you have parked and if you want to be judged, please proceed to the black registration tent and register for the judging. You will be asked when you register, where you are parked. Please be very specific. Each row will have a letter sign to assist you. All cars will be judged based on the class that you register under. For example, If you drive a Dune Buggy, you will be parked with all of the air cooled but only judged against other Dune Buggy's.